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Ladie’s Free Program

Olympics – Sochi 2014 – Ladies’ – Free Program

Senior ladies have a 4 minute program that requires a double or triple axel (most ladies do a double, only Mao Asada does a triple), a jump combination, a flying spin, a layback or sideways spin, a step sequence, and a combination spin. Jumps done in the second half of the program get a 10% bonus

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Ladie’s Short program

Olympics – Sochi 2014 – Figure skating – Woman – Short Program

The ladies title is one of the most watched contests in Olympic history and this year will be no different. The women’s short program is two minutes and fifty seconds in length (max). In this short program, the women must do one triple jump that is preceded by connecting steps, a double or triple axel (only Mao Asada will most likely do a triple), a jump combination either a triple-triple or triple-double, a flying spin, a combination spin, a layback or sideways leaning spin, and finally one step sequence. The Top 24 make it to tomorrow’s free skate.

Elena GLEBOVA     (EST)    
–    Music: Love in Three Acts
–    First jump is her triple toe/ double toe
–    Very nice triple sal
–    Popped her axel
–    Very slow skating
–    Good speed in her sit spin combination
–    Could use more speed in her step sequence
–    Final spin a bit low and traveling just a bit
–    Score: 46.19

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Ice Dance – Free Dance

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Ice Dance – Free Dance

The Free dance in Ice dancing, unlike the short dance, does not have any required patters, It is four minutes in length and must include two short lifts and one long lift, or four shirt lifts in three different types, one transitional dance lift, two different step sequences (one midline or diagonal and one circular), one dance spin or combination, and one set of twizzles. Unlike the other disciplines, Ice Dance music can have lyrics (though this will change in the next Olympic cycle)

Tanja KOLBE/Stefano CARUSO (GER)
–    Music: Narissa Arrives [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken/Storybook Ending [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken/Adalasia [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken
–    I love this music but not sure the costume works
–    Nice twizzles, a bit slow though
–    First pair spin is good, could use a tad more speed
–    Nice straight-line lift, in perfect time with the music
–    Missed some form issue on that straight-line step
–    I don’t remember these lyrics from Enchanted?
–    Nice circular lift, him in a spread eagle
–    Charlott entry into that split rotational lift
–    Slightly out of step on that twizzles
–    Could use more speed through that circular step sequence
–    Another split rotational lift
–    Not a fan of the ending… it just stops before the final note and its annoying
–    Score: 76.13 (1.00 deduction), total 130.56
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Ice Dance – Short Dance

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Ice Dance – Short Dance

The short dance in ice dance is two minutes and fifty seconds in length (plus or minus 10 seconds).  In the Short Dance, there are four required elements. These are a short lift that cannot exceed six seconds, a step sequence that is either circular or a midline sequence, a set of twizzles, and two sections of the Finnstep.  The Finnstep is arguably the hardest pattern in Ice dancing. This pattern is very similar (and actually requires) to quickstep.  
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Men’s Long Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Men – Long Program

The Men’s program is the longest if the figure skating events at four and a half minutes. Men are required to a double or triple axel, a step sequence, a triple or quad jump, at least one jump combination, a flying spin, and a camel or step sequence. Any man who does jumps after the halfway point gets a bonus of 10%.

–    Music: Nostradamus by Maksim Mrvica
–    Step out on the opening triple axel/ double toe
–    Good speed into his quad but fell
–    Second double axel is good
–    Good triple loop
–    Could use more stretch in his camel position
–    Triple flip/triple toe
–    Double Lutz, running out of gass
–    Second spin combination is slow
–    Triple flip
–    Triple sal/single toe
–    Traveling quite a bit on the final spin combination
–    Score: 177.06 (total) 114.62 in free

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Men’s short Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Men – Short program

The men’s short program is a maximum of two minutes and fifty seconds in length. There should be a double or triple Axel (most of the top men will do a triple), A triple or quad jump which must be preceded by connecting steps, a jump combination which has to have either a double jump and triple jump, two triples, a quad and a double, or a quad and a triple. The men also must have a flying spin, a combination spin with a change of foot, and two changes of position. They also must have a camel spin or sit spin with only one change of foot and finally a step sequence! It’s a lot to fit into the 2:50 marks! Look for the top men to do at least one quad and a triple axel.

Thirty Skaters will skate, only 24 will skate in the long progrram
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Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Pairs –Long Program

The Pairs long program is four minutes and thirty seconds long. In Pairs skating, there is a list of seven required elements. They are as follows:
•    A Step Sequence
•    A hand to hand lift take off (usually a Lasso lift from either a forward or backward entry). A hand to hand means that the man cannot lift the lady by say her foot or thigh.
•    A Death spiral that is from a backward outside edge entry. This means the lady will be going backwards and leaning on her outside edge of her blade
•    A double or triple split twist. Most of the top couples do a split triple twist. Look for tight form in the ladies and a clean exit (not “crashing” down on to the man’s shoulder)
•    A spin combination that must have at least one change of foot and one change of position
•    A throw jump. In the short program, the top couples will do a throw triple. While several of the top couples have a throw quadruple, this throw is not allowed in the short program
•    One side by side solo jumps. Again, the top couples do triples

–    Music: Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schonberg
–    I may be biased but I absolutely love this program
–    First element is their split triple twist, solid
–    Nice speed into their sbs triple toes. NAILED!
–    Here’s a gorgeous throw triple Lutz
–    Very pretty gorgeous catch foot into a backwards outside death spiral
–    Straight into their pair spin combination
–    Sbs spin, camel, back sit. Very good synch
–    Lovely spread eagle into serpentine lift
–    Speed into their sbs double axel into a second double axel. A bit far apart but landed!
–    Back entry into lasso lift into catch foot star, nice easy exit
–    Nice throw triple sal. Slightly two footed
–    Axel entry into another lasso lift, good and clean
–    LOVE their star position lift
–    Traveling lift good
–    Not as dynamic as it was in Boston but they’ll take it!
–    Score:  110.31

–    Music: Oz – The Great and Powerful
–    Love her dress
–    Nice speed into sbs triple toe, not synched
–    Split twist triple… it’s hard to see as she twists the opposition direction
–    Double axel attempted, singled (he), she fell
–    Sbs spins good, sync
–    Nice death spiral
–    Nice dance lift
–    Nice speed into step lasso into star lift
–    Fell on the throw triple loop
–    Forward takeoff on the lasso, struggling a bit
–    LOVE that back entry into a press there. She could use a bit more stretch
–    A throw triple Lutz, landed cleanly
–    Pair spin combination. I enjoy their positions in it
–    Score:  103.01

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Sochi 2014 Pairs Short Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Pairs – Short Program

Exactly like the team even, pairs short programs consist of a two minute and fifty second program with elements of a lift that is hand to hand (aka a Lasso lift), a double or triple split twist (to be competitive at this stage, a triple is a must), a throw jump (again, like the split twist, a triple is really needed to be competitive), a side by side solo jump (aka the nemesis of all pairs skating), a pairs spin combination, a death spiral from a backwards outside edge, and a step sequence. For the Olympics, the field of twenty will be whittled down to 16.

–    Music: Samson And Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
–    First element is their sbs triple sal. Narumi was quite forward but they did land them
–    Only a split double twist. Great height on it though. Since this is a very (read he has only been skating pairs for less than a year) young time, this  will get better
–    Nice lasso lift with a one handed exit
–    Rough landing on the throw triple sal
–    Great position on the death spiral
–    No really a fan of the mirroring step sequence for any pair but it does work for them
–    Final spin combination was pretty good
–    Narumi is very happy with that problem!
–    Score: 48.45

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Team Event – Ice Dance – Free Dance

Reed/Reed (JPN)
–    Shogun II (music)
–    Okay twizzles, her free leg could be a little bit higher
–    Interesting curve lift, followed by a rotational lift that had a nice haircutter position
–    Okay step sequence, could use a little more deepening of the knees
–    Like the straight-line lift, Chris on foot. Interesting entry into it.
–    Nice combination pair spin
–    I don’t know, something about this music just doesn’t pull at me
–    Good speed in this second half. Nice rotational lift
–    Their last lift was okay, nothing special for me
–    Score: 76.34

Guignard/Fabbri (ITY)
–    Romeo and Juliet (Music)
–    LOVE her dress
–    AWWW Josh Groban! Anybody who skates to Josh Groban gets plus marks from me 😀
–    Nice straight line lift into rotational lift, very nice, transitions
–    Nice straight line step sequence directly into twizzles… out of sync on the second ones, back on the third
–    Interesting pair spin.
–    It’s very interesting they’re using the Prokiev Romeo and Juliet
–    Gorgeous circular step sequence
–    LOVE this straight-line lift with her on his boot. Great timing to the music
–    A little slow on that rotational last lift.
–    Thoroughly enjoyed that program!
–    Score: 81.25

Ilinykh/Katsalapov (RUS)
–    Swan Lake (music)
–    At least the Russian crowd appreciates ballet and culture
–    WOA that’s a very interesting straight-line lift with her on his stomach basically
–    Directly into a rotational lift
–    Another straight-line lift him on his knee
–    Very pretty step sequence, not as deep as I’d like to see
–    Wow again some unusual position in that lift
–    Lovely pair spin. I really enjoy the whole she’s in a charlotte position under him
–    Good twizzles, he struggling just a bit.
–    Nice straight-line step sequence in hold. I would like to see them a bit closer together
–    Amazing character portrayal in that final lift. Good skate for them!
–    Score: 103.48 (1.00 deduction)

Virtue/Moir (CAN)
–    Petit adagio (music)
–    Speed into their first lift was good but had a bit hesitation to the straight-line lift him on one leg
–    Close your mouth please Tessa… the one of the things I dislike about this pair
–    Nice circular press lift
–    He almost missed his foot on the twizzles have shaken off the problems in the short dance
–    Traveling a bit in their pair spin
–    An amazing haircutter position on the rotational lift
–    Not a fan of those positions on the rotational lift
–    I don’t know something about this program again doesn’t do it for me…I think I have a hard time with random classical pieces in ice dance
–    Nice circular lift her on his leg
–    UG boring ending
–    Score: 107.56

Davis/White (USA)
–    Scheherazade (music)
–    LOVE that shoot the duck into the lift. Just awesome!
–    Gorgeous circular step sequence. Edges rock
–    Love this handstand straight-line lift
–    And split rotational lift!
–    I can’t even not love this program.
–    Good centering on the pair spin
–    A touch out of synch on the twizzles but doesn’t affect them
–    This definitely isn’t my favorite program of theirs but it’s so amazing!
–    Great straight-line step sequence
–    Last rotational lift
–    Into a circular lift
–    Score: 114.34 (personal best)

–    Kind of annoyed of having the last program if the standings aren’t going to change
–    Enjoyed it but scoring needs to be changed because of that.
–    Someone mentioned on twitter to keep it as an event for FS but put it AFTER the individual events

Russia (Gold)
Canada (Silver)
USA (Bronze)

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Team Event – Woman – long Program

Osmond (CAN)
–    Three foot to double toe
–    Double axel/triple toe
–    Fell on the triple sal
–    Missed most of Osmond’s score to stream not working 
–    Nice triple sal but tight
–    Double flip, should have been a triple
–    Nice triple toe/double toe/double toe combination
–    Two footed double axel
–    Good step sequence
–    Nice spin combination
–    Needs more stretch in her spiral
–    Score: 110.73

Gold (USA)
–    The Sleeping Beauty (music)
–    Good speed into her triple Lutz/triple toe combination
–    Nice double axel/triple toe, possibly two foot on the axel
–    Nice step sequence, but not as hard as it could be
–    Glad they changed to a blue dress from the pink one they had earlier this season. This one works soo much better
–    Ina bauer into a triple flip
–    Nice spiral into a triple Lutz
–    Good triple/double toe/ double toe
–    Woah got to close to the boards there. Running her hand on them
–    Nice double axel
–    Lovely centered spin
–    It’s great jumping but musically? Nothing special. She does not have the maturity like Ashley
–    Score: 129.38 (personal best)

Suzuki (JPN)
–    The Phantom of the Opera (music)
–    Not liking the flowers so much on her dress… doesn’t fit with PToO
–    Huge triple flip /double toe /double loop
–    Good speed into double axel/double toe
–    Traveling in her first spin
–    Nice step sequence
–    A little tight on that triple flip
–     Eked out that triple loop
–    Nice triple sal/double toe
–    I’m not loving this cut of Phantom…
–    Love that stretch spiral
–    Nice triple sal
–    Good program, the components was much better than Gracie’s
–    Score:  112.33

Marchei (ITY)
–    Nyah (Music)
–    I love this program
–    Valentina is such an elegant skater
–    Nice double axel/double toe
–    Very nice triple Lutz!
–    Good triple flip but possible edge call
–    Two footed double axel
–    Great center to her sit spins
–    Not a fan of her layback though
–    Very nice step sequence
–    Two footed that loop
–    Catch foot into a triple Lutz/double toe
–    Lean on the triple sal but landed it into double toe double toe
–    Good speed in the final spin combination
–    Score: 112.51

Lipnitskaya (RUS)
–    Schindler’s List (music)
–    While I am not a fan of her short program, I absolutely love this program. She skates it with both child-like qualities because it’s from that perspective but also such maturity
–    Very nice triple Lutz/triple toe
–    Tight double axel/triple toe/double toe
–    Gorgeous step sequence
–    Leaning slightly into that triple flip but lands it
–    Nice double axel
–    Her speed is just incredible
–    Nice triple loop
–    Love this spiral sequence, though I wish she would hold it longer
–    Nice triple sal
–    Two footed Lutz/double toe
–    Amazing spin in this spin combination
–    Gorgeous Ina bauer!
–    Lovely spiral sequence
–    Final spin is sooo fast and gorgeous! Though a tiny bit of traveling
–    Score: 141.51

–    Julia just brings the house down with that performance and it’s well deserved (unlike Plushenko).
–    A little underwhelmed about the woman, save for Julia.

USA (sealed Bronze with Gold’s performance)

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